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At Wolverine Technical Staffing, we won’t send you a rookie “account manager” that is just learning the business. We’ll have you interface directly with our vice president of sales & marketing, or our vice president of business development, or our vice president of permanent staffing. They are all highly experienced professionals with proven track records of success in our industry. We want you to know you are in good hands with people that work with you in meeting your staffing needs.

  • Market Experts - Our team has decades of experience in assisting hundreds of companies and other entities in our region. We have helped companies of all sizes, in dozens of industries and in all phases of growth; from start-ups to established to fully mature. We know where technologies are used and the landscape of the talent pool.

  • Skilled Partners - Our job is to deliver talented Information/Engineering Technology Professionals to meet your needs. To do so, we partner with you to learn precisely what those needs are. A rich flow of information going both ways is essential. At Wolverine Technical Staffing, we’ll listen carefully and offer advice. And you can be sure, the information you share with us is treated with complete professionalism. 

  • Proven Quality - A key indicator in our industry is the ratio of candidates submitted to candidates interviewed. We consistently achieve a ratio that far exceeds the industry average. Unlike other staffing firms that send volumes of barely screened candidates with their fingers crossed, we send fully screened and qualified candidates knowing with confidence you will want to interview them. 

  • The Long View - At Wolverine Technical Staffing, our goal is to create long-term, successful partnerships with high quality employers. We work hard to deliver results that will satisfy you. If something goes awry, we work diligently to correct it and maintain your trust. We invite you to ask us for references –we would be happy to provide you with Human Resource Professionals and Information/Engineering Technology Leaders that will speak to our performance!

Looking to find the best fit in a pool of possibilities
or the ‘needle in the haystack’?  For most employers, hiring is often challenging and time-consuming. 

At Wolverine Technical Staffing,  we provide effective solutions 
every day.
Ask and we will deliver!

Contract Placement Services contact 
Bill Thomas

Permanent Placement Services contact Lewis Clark
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